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Yaeyama Islands ✕ Forest ✕ Feel the element of the sea

SALT SPA Mishio (Bian)


Memories of a lifetime

Bian is a relaxation space with plenty of elements of the forest ✕ sea using natural materials of Okinawa, Yaeyama Islands, and Ishigaki Island . It is a place where you can experience the "essence of the island" such as the Mishio Original Mineral Essence Spa and the Mishio Original Salt Scrub that incorporates the island's natural salt, and it has been very well received by everyone who experienced it.

We, a time on the island that everyone cherishes

All the Mishio staff,

I hope I can help you.

Have a special day that will be a good memory of your once-in-a-lifetime island trip.



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Delivering BIAN's daily life

Mystery! Island essence

Even if you look around the world

You can't taste it at a general spa or beauty treatment salon

Mishio's original mineral essence

Is it strange when you close your eyes and experience it?

It feels like I'm in my mom's stomach ...


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Experiencer​ Word-of-mouth communication

Bian  Reservation

Unusual salt spa

It is still a rare mineral therapy salt spa. The 10 times salt concentration spa will stain the skin after sunburn, but the feeling of floating the body was relaxed and I was able to relax.

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